Transmission design around the world offers various options for smoother and quicker gear shifting. But none so simple and clever as the V-shift option. It offers a purely mechanical solution, and doesn’t require complicated electronic controls or additional highly stressed mechanical components. The patented principle on which V-shift is based is totally original, and allows for a cost effective and easy to implement solution for instantaneous and smooth gear shifting.

V-shift versus existing transmission solutions
A current trend in transmission design is to make use of pre-selecting gears in order to create a smoother and quicker gear shift. There are various known options for this, but all of these concepts require either complicated electronic controls and/or multiple additional small, highly stressed, complicated mechanical components.

Why V-shift?

V-shift is based on a twin drum principle, entirely integrated into a single drum:
– Limited increase in components
– No small, delicate components
– Straight forward machining
– Fits in existing gearbox designs

– Cheap
– Simple
– Same lifetime as conventional gearbox
– Can be implemented in existing gearbox